Breville BES840XL – The Infuser Espresso Machine Review

Last Updated :- June 3rd 2017.

There is a litany of espresso makers in the market these days which claim to give the customers more speed and power. But the Breville BES840XL – the Infuser Espresso Machine takes a different approach, and provides its customers with the best product that can be. It is a machine built especially for the espresso lovers, who desire for a stable and durable machine without having to break their bank. The infuser has many great features which make it stand out from the queue. It has a steady low-pressure pre-infusion. It gives the espresso an awesome flavour and aroma in every sip. The Infuser also incorporates built in PID temperature control. The PID provides stable temperature for a better cup of coffee with high pressure steam, besides providing a faster turnaround time.

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Every product has something amiss and so has the Infuser. Some of the points to note which aren’t as expected in the infuser are firstly, there is no built-in grinder so you’ll need to have one or use pre-ground coffee. Besides this, the water tank at just 61 ounces is a bit smaller than similarly priced models in the market which are around 67 ounces to the least. The other disadvantage is that it may move around when you remove or insert the porta-filter. You might also have to hold it down while it’s in operation. One more con of the machine is that if you over tamp or grind too fine, then the pump might oscillate or have trouble in keeping a steady pressure.

Overall, the Breville Infuser is a unique and reliable home espresso machine. It is certainly a step ahead from the standard machines available in the market or found in households. If you want to make an artistic yet tasteful statement with the espressos you serve, the Infuser is the best way to go. This is a great machine for those who have tried to make espressos at home and decided to make it better than what is served in restaurants. It provides the ease and speed so that you can get the espressos in an instant. Even the novices can pull a good shot with it. It comes with features for those who enjoy experimenting with making a not only good, but great espresso. The single-wall filter basket, the pre-infusion and consistent brew temperature and the auto-purge from steam to brew all mark a high-end machine without you having to spend a bucket full of money. The excellent customer service and the commitment by Breville provide the icing on the cake.

Breville BES840XL – The Infuser Espresso Machine Review

Breville-BES840XLThe BES840 is a semi-automatic machine which has incorporated some of the best features of a high-end espresso machine and fine-tuned them. Those features are offered to you in this affordable model which accompanies style and performance. The only sacrifice you’d be making is some of the convenience features in the Breville Dual Boiler. This is a replacement model of the Breville BES830XL with one significant improvement in the boiler.

The BES840XL is engineered with a thermo coil instead of the previous thermo block. The aptly named “Infuser” from Breville aims to provide a well-balanced flavour by drawing the flavour out from the grinds evenly. This is called an “even extraction.”There are many other features coupled with some disadvantages as well, but if you look at the machine overall, then it one of the best products available in the market at just $109.

Features & Functions of Breville BES840XL – The Infuser Espresso Machine

  • It has 1600 Watt Thermocoil Heating System.
  • It’s constructed with integrated stainless steel water coils. This allows you to control the machine’s temperature with extreme precision.
  • It also has Auto Purge, which automatically adjusts the temperature of the water after steam process.
  • It ensures that the espresso extraction temperature goes back to its optimal point after it is completed.
  • Its 15 Bar Italian Pump helps in controlling the volume of your pour with presets, manual overrides and reprogrammable volumes.
  • It also has a Cup Warmer which keeps your cup warm on top of the machine as you brew or sip.

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At $109, you just have to overlook the few disadvantages which it has and hop over to buy the product as it is a steal which you may not get with any other product. It features are hard to ignore and hence it is a must buy product to say the least.

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